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About Us:

We are the Student Environmental Center, a fantastic student-led sustainability organization that works on great campaigns, has fun, and builds friendships with each-other and the greater community through our work.  But, there are a bunch of other fantastic organizations here at UC Santa Cruz, and we are just one aspect that makes up this community! Check out our different campaigns and their movements that are happening at UCSC. 

Our Community:

  • The Campus Sustainability Council (CSC): Provides funding for the programs and events of the many UCSC student organizations, ensuring the institutionalization and long term viability of efforts towards campus sustainability. 
  • Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP):  A student run organization that puts on a student-led course during Spring quarter.  Work is done throughout the year planning the night lecture series, training facilitators, creating curriculum, and spreading student empowerment. General Gatherings take place with SEC on Wednesdays in the Red Room.  
  • California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC): A statewide council that unites, connects, supports, and empowers students from across California to transform their educational institutions and communities into models of sustainability. 
  • Environmental Media Project (EMP): Gaia Magazine is the student-run environmental magazine at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  It aims to provide coverage of sustainability-related initiatives on or linked to the UCSC campus as well as the broader community, in order to further awareness and encourage and organize constructive action.  Gaia strives to practice the sustainability it promotes, and is printed locally on recycled paper using soy-based ink.  It is published annually in the spring, and welcomes submissions from UCSC students. 
  • The Green Campus Program (GCP): A student-led outreach program designed and campaigning to educate the campus community about energy efficiency and water conservation.  
  • Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA): A program in which students learn about sustainability through practical experience and community building.  This learning experience includes seminars, training in agroecology and organic gardening, composting, and caretaking of campus gardens. There are Drop-in Garden Workdays at the Foundational Roots Garden in the Village, which includes a free home-cooked meal! 
  • Friends of the Community Agroecology Network (FoCAN):  CAN is an international network that connects students to rural communities and food systems around the world. FoCAN engages UCSC students in learning and educating others about alternative food systems, primarily through internships.