The Student Environmental Center

 Our Spring 2018 team at the 1st Annual Enviroslug Banquet!

Our Spring 2018 team at the 1st Annual Enviroslug Banquet!


The Student Environmental Center is a student-run, student-led organization that promotes sustainability and environmental education here at UCSC. We were created by students, for students, as a safe space for like-minded, passionate individuals to work collectively on important issues of sustainability and environmental justice. We aim to help students become educated and empowered, guiding them to find their voice on this campus. 

While the SEC has traditionally had 10 campaigns that focus on different aspects of sustainability, we have recently transitioned into a group project based organization. We work more collectively to combat issues of sustainability that are most prevalent to students. We have also started to focus more on environmental justice, as it is an equally important topic to discuss when it comes to sustainability on this campus.

At the beginning of each quarter, we decide on a main project/topic that we want to focus on, and then we create other smaller projects and events to help students become informed and involved with pertinent issues.

Do you have something on this campus that you want to see changed?

Come to check out the Student Environmental Center and we can work on it together!